Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Why I am a greenbuilder

Outside of the performance of a building, outside of the technology that has been used, outside of the market forces that are involved in the decisions, outside of the mandates and codes that might exist or might not exist,and outside of the concept of return of investment and life cycle analysis--

--what I discovered or, better, rediscovered, is that when we build green, we are responding directly to nature.

And the responses are very profound, very sensual and very spiritual.
To me that's sufficient reason to build green.

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Joseph Gilday said...

a slightly shortened verison of this could be one in a series of advertisng/marketing manifestos that you put out there front and center.
there is enormous attraction potential when we say hello for the first time. hello, this is who I am. hello, this is what i stand for. some will turn away. but the one's who don't are the one's who stay with you. that's my scientifically unsupported observation.